Peso Ancestral / Inheritance

October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tú me dijiste: no lloró mi padre,;

tu me dijiste: no lloró me abuelo,;

no han llorado los hombres de mi raza,

eran de acero.

As’ diciendo te brotó una lágrima

ye me cayó en la boca . . . ; más veneno

yo no he bebido nunca en otro vaso asi


Débil mujer, pobre mujer que entiende,

dolor de siglos conoc’ al beberlo.

Oh, el alma mia soportar no puede

todo su peso.

You said to me: “My father did not weep,

Nor my grandfather weep.” I heard you say:

“No man of all my race has ever wept,;

of steel were they.”

And thus upon my trembling mouth I felt

The poison of your bitter teardrop fall,

Worse potion than my lips have ever quaffed

From a cup so small.

Weak woman, born all grief to comprehend,

I drank the pain of ages infinite;

But oh, my wretched soul cannot support

The weight of it!

by Alfonsina Storni. Willis Knapp Jones,

Spanish American Literature in Translation: A Selection of Poetry, Fiction, and Drama since 1888. New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., 1963.



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