A Good Night Story ~ Andrés Díaz Marrero

October 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

A long time ago and far away, there was a small town where no one could sleep. It was, however, a typical town were parents worked during the day and kids played and went to school as usual.
At night, they all tried to rest by either sitting or lying down, but they couldn’t sleep even for a single moment, no matter how tired they were. So they just talk and chat during the nights. After all this talking their tongues got tired and the words refuse to flow. They all ended filled with silence, and wearied from looking at the walls. All of this happened every night, so we can imagine how they feel.

One day they decided to ask for help. They went to see Ms. Hope. She was a wise elderly woman who lived at the other side of the mountains. Ms. Hope got her wisdom through the years lived, the books she read, and her contact with nature.
Ms. Hope listened to her friend’s woes, unlike them; she was able to sleep placidly. However, she wasn’t able to explain to them how it happens. So she resolved to look for an answer.
That evening, she went to the fields. Once there she found out that the animals lay down and closed their eyes after getting a convenient place to spend the night. The wise elderly woman came back with the news. They agree to do as the animals do. They will look for a comfortable place to rest, lay down and close their eyes. And so they did. But, they end up just as bored. The only difference was that now their eyes were closed.

When the morning came, they all went back to see Ms. Hope, and told her what had happened. The wise elderly woman went back to the fields to find out how animals fall asleep. She tried to speak with those that had their eyes shut, but they did not even hear her. Some woke up angry because she disturbed their sleep.
To those who woke up she asked, “how do you fall asleep? ” But no one was able to explain how. She left the place quietly. Because she did not want to disturb those who have not heard her or the ones that went back to sleep.

She walked to the river and sat on its bank to meditate. All of a sudden she saw the light of a glow-worm and heard the sweetest voice she ever heard.
“I have the answer to your question”, said the glow-worm.
“I will be very glad if you tell me, because it will make my friends happy.”
“True happiness comes when you make other people happy. Happiness is like my light; it glows brighter when children and adults look at me with love.”

“But, you were going to give me the answer?”
“Oh! Yes, you need the answer! Well, the answer is to have the gift of fantasy.
“Where can I get it?”
“Place your hands under my wings, when I flap them, you will receive the dream and fantasy pollen. I picked it up from the flowers that at night are showered with stardust and cuddle with the silver moonlight. Spread it onto your friends eyelids and you will see them dreaming”.
“Dreaming…” whispered Ms. Hope.

Then the glow-worm told her, “Dreaming is the magic of life. It is to look deep inside us. It’s letting our imagination to roam free in our mind. The glow-worm flutters its wings. Ms. Hope spread her hands to collect the dream and fantasy pollen.

“Thanks for this beautiful gift. I will bring it right away to my friends”, said the woman to the glow-worm. The glow-worm blinked its light twice to give regards to Ms. Hope and said good-bye.

And that was how Ms. Hope’s neighbors managed to sleep and to dream. Since then, the children dream with starry ways and new worlds filled with adventures. Parents dream with love, happiness and peace.
Ms. Hope also dreams. She keep on working, studying and dreaming. Her friends call her Poet. She is always looking for new ways of making her dreams come true.


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